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Active Directory Groups empty


I have a new Openfire setup, and during the setup phase, I succeed in connecting to my AD LDAP, I can test and see random AD staff members, and I can see AD groups and how many members they have. However, once I log in, while AD staff turn up, they are not displaying membership of the groups they are in, and in the group summary, while my expected groups are listed, they do not show as having any members. Is there any standard cause for this type of situation?

if you want the rosters to automatically load for the group members, you’ll need to enable/setup roster sharing. Basically go users/groups>groups>
then click the group. From there you should be able to enable the shared roster for the group (among other things).

I have the same problem, newest Openfire & Spark clients, AD groups are syncing and showing up in the proper ways on the server, the spark client can access everyone and and send messages, just no groups show up in the contacts tab in spark.

Issue ended up being that I had Posix Mode = Yes. Should have been ‘No’ for my AD setup.