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Active Directory groups is SLOOOOW

Opening users seems OK, opening some groups seems OK, others take seriously multiple minutes to open sometimes. I think I have the defaults on again though I original told ldap to chase links, I reverted that back to the default FALSE.

Would adding filters help this? Would filters also help limit what groups and users or OU’s I am able to see and work with?

It could be something with the groups themselves. The groups could contain other groups in AD. This causes issues in openfire. Yes limiting users and groups will improve openfire somewhat but it may be negligible.

It does seem much better since I have limited the OU structure it see’s - Much fewer groups and almost no nested groups in this OU at the moment.

Are there any future plans to adjust the LDAP plugin to allow for nested groups or is this something thats out of Ignites control because it’s a 3rd party API for the LDAP plugin?

While I can (and did now, thanks on my other thread) add a group and put all IM users in it, it would be far easier to create an IM group, then simply add my pre-existing org-chart based groups to that group, to ensure all employees (and others) are given access to the IM server. I can’t imagine an enterprise with 1000’s users having an existing OU structure to deal with this type of issue either. Support groups could be in seperate Site based OU structures or even encompass multiple business groups, ensuring all the right users are authorized and in the right groups would be much simpler with nested group support. It would greatly reduce the number of groups a person needs to be a member of overall. In a small org it’s not a huge deal but the larger enterprises would benefit grealy from this.

Or maybe I am missing some filter function or other feature that could help assist with these types of issues?