Active Directory groups timeout


I am using AD to authenticate my users and setup groups. I am connecting to the AD over ssl and while slow the user information opens with no problems. The group information on the other hand is a diffrent story.

When I open the group section in the OF admin I can list and search the groups in a quick and timely manner but when I try to open the group to set the sharing attributs it will timeout in about 2mins.

Is there a setting some ware that can effect the AD group fetchers? Whould it be posable to edit the sql database directly to add group shares theyreby bypassing the OF Admin group settings?

I assume this is an AD problem but as the administration of that is out of my hands there’s nothing I can do about it. However, if anybody knows what might be causing this I could make a suggestion to those who do manage the AD.

Nope not an AD problem it was an OF group cash problem

The fix the corrected packetFilter was also the fix that got groups working.

packetFilter timeout

Increase the cash size.