Active directory integration usng bria clients

So I sync’d active directory users with openfire using these instructions and it worked great Openfire: LDAP Guide

The only problem I’m running into is with the bria4, it’s a small detail but annoying.

So in case anyone else uses bria4, once I setup openfire with adds, then connected in bria4 to open fire, I then went into softphone>preferences>Directory and was able to load up active directory information into bria. Very smooth–as it shows asterisk user extensions, email, etc that I input into active directory. The only trouble is the xmpp setting is the same as the extension number, not the sAMAccountName which is used as the xmpp account by openfire. Is there any work around for this other than adding directory users then manually changing the xmpp field to each users’ sAMAccountName ???

Well, I found a work around unless anyone has a better idea:

In bria itself, I went to preferences>Directory>Attribute Mapping

Changed Instant Message field from ipPhone to sAMAccountName