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Active Directory integration

Following some of the threads below, I am able to authenticate my Jabber users against an Active Directory store. However, regardless of the client being used, my users cannot “see” each other as online (even when they are) and they cannot send messages to each other. The messages just seem to go out into the ether, never to be seen again. Is there a step in the setup I missed? Is there anything from the logs I can post to clarify?


Have you added the users to your roster? Remember that you will need to use something like this @ when adding someone to your roster or when sending messages to other user.


– Gato

What we did was set up a shared group, add in all the users to that group that we wanted and then set the group option “Show group in group members’’ rosters”. When any of our users sign in they “see” all fellow group members regardless of which client software they use. This way our user roster list is managed server side.

This is a very simplistic solution and works for us since we have less than 50 users.