Active Directory, LDAP, Groups and Group Lists issues

After reading through all the posts, this seems like a bit of a tired subject, so I apologize for adding to the mountain of questions Basically, my goal is to create a group in Active Directory that becomes a usable group in Wildfire that I can use as the default contact list when people login. In other words, when someone logs into the server using Spark or whatever, I want their contacts/buddy list to be pre-populated with a group that consists of names in an existing active directory group that I have stored in the Security Groups of Active Directory. I’‘ve been trying various configurations of the conf file, but no matter what I do, I can never get any of the groups to populate within wildfire’‘s admin console. I do get a full listing of everyone in our active directory, the only thing I can’'t seem to make work is getting a group set up. Here is what my conf file looks like (info edited for security purposes):

    (&(objectClass=group)(memberOf=CN=Messenger Group,OU=Security Groups,DC=city,DC=domain,DC=com)


Any assistance, suggestions, etc are greatly appreciated! Thanks.

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Have a look at my post in this thread and see if that does not help you out.

That does help, but I think there might be a few errors in the code you posted. I can’'t get the conf file to load without generating a ton of errors due to the way the search filters are constructed. I think an extra square bracket is needed. For example, instead of this:

Add a square bracket after “CDATA”:

I don’'t know why this makes a difference, but for me it was the difference between the conf file loading properly and throwing a million exceptions and not working at all.

***EDIT-- I just noticed that when the message posts on the board. the HTML causes the square bracket I’‘m referencing to go away. I was able to fix it by adding yet another set of square brackets, so the code I post above is correct. I’'m guessing this has happened in the past, but just in case, heads up to anyone trying to use this code ***

Anyway, I’'ve got groups at least showing up now, however now the group names are just showing up as numbers, and when I try to edit the group, I get directed to a page with an Error 500 display:


Internal Server Error


I’‘ve tried changing the service account to the domain administrator to see if it makes any difference (thought perhaps it was a permissions issue) but didn’'t have any luck. Anyone ever seen this before or have a suggestion to offer? Thanks for your help.

Good catch on the ‘’[ ]’’ issue.

Try removing the following from your wildfire.xml file. I dont have them in mine, and dont have any trouble:

And restart wildfire. Post your results.


Oh, and you have to maks sure to have the following within your provider section:

enaslund wrote:

Good catch on the ‘’[ ]’’ issue.

Try removing the following from your wildfire.xml file. I dont have them in mine, and dont have any trouble:




Also, change your entry “displayName” to read:


And restart wildfire. Post your results.


YES! That was the problem. Everything works fine now. Thank you very much for your help! Here is my final LDAP piece of the config file, I hope it helps someone:

(again, info such as the DNs and PWs changed for security)


I found that if you’'re forced to use:

I need to perform the same setup, everyone gets Spark, and I want to provide them with a default list of groups - specifically any group begining with IM_. When I attempt to do this, I see all 1200 users in our enterprise, but the group listing only gives me the count of groups, and does not display them in the console. What am I missing that is keeping them from displaying? I am on Wildfire 3.1.0

Here is the LDAP code from my install

</searchFilter>       <groupSearchFilter>







You also don''t need the sAMAccountName in the user filter..

That did it - Thanks!