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Active Directory + Open Fire

Afternoon everyone,

Having some major problems with Active Directory and OpenFire, which I think is just a lack in my AD knowledge. I have setup OpenFire and I can logon using my AD credentials to the web interface, so I can administrate the server, thus OpenFire can read the AD domain, when I goto Users/Groups I can even see all of my Users listed there, so it can deffintly read them fine. When I turn Windows Authentication on in Pandion however, it will not logon. I choose the server that OpenFire is on (which is no the same as where AD is) and just logon…but to no availe. I can’t see why however, if I logon to the web admin with my AD credentials, but cannot when using Pandion…something is a miss somewhere??

Anyone know where I can start to try and see whats going on, or even know a simple step I may have missed out??

Many Thanks


Stupid me didnt think of this earlier, but I see this is a Pandion problem, Spark logs in fine…shit. Hmm change the companies IM or fix it to work with Pandion. Ahh the challenges that stop us Admins sleeping

pandion integrated auth uses ntlm, openfire uses keberos, very different protocols. in pandion can you login with just a username and password? if you openfire server is on windows you could try this http://norman.rasmussen.co.za/dl/sasl-sspi/

I can’t comment on that because my openfire server is on linux and we use sso for AD auth.

Thank you for the reply. No the AD is on a windows server and openfire is on a linux box (fedora) and everyone is running pandion on windows workstations…