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Active Directory Search Field Length

I am working to migrate from our old 3.5.1 install to a new 4.1 install. Everything got setup just fine on the new server and I am able to connect to my active directory server. The problem is the user search field is not long enough for my search filter and I can’t seem to use a wild card. Below is an example search:
(objectClass=organizationalPerson)(|(memberOf=cn=chat_it,ou=security groups, dc=our, dc=company, dc=com))

That works just fine. But I have lots of groups that start with chat_… and want to filter to all of those people just in those groups. I tried changing the cn to
Also tried using a % and neither worked at all. The other issue is we have more users then the paging limit in AD so I need to narrow the list of users. I also only want to let certain users login. I am doing a group filter to just these groups and have no issues there. Help is appreciated.

this is how I do it. perhaps this will help you out.

you can edit the field directly in the DB or from within the system properties page.

also, to get around the AD paging limit, add this to your system properties
ldap.pagedResultsSize with a value of 1000