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Active Directory Updates to Openfire

I’ve tried searching but can’t find anything solid on this. How long does it take or how is the local cache setup to read from active directory? I’ve setup Openfire for LDAP integration. When I make changes in Active Directory to someone’s information (say, job title), I don’t see the change from the spark client. The initial pull of LDAP info seemed to have worked, as those fields (and users) were populated and I could see users titles (and other fields).

Is there a way to manually update changes from the Openfire side? When is the information pulled from AD?

Thanks for your help!

This talks about the issue but has no real solution http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/message/160168#160168

I think the timeout is 6 hours (if you did not change it).

Afaik it is planned to redesign the Caching System in future, but I cannot find it where I got that from so, no warranty on this. I might remember it wrong.

The way I do it at the moment is:

Close Client

Delete Server-Cache

Reopen Client

Note nice, but works and I don’t have frequent (and important) updates to AD.

Would that be the VCard Cache or the Roster Cache that you delete?

I’m a lazy guy and delete the full cache…so I cannot tell you wich one…it should be the vcard cache I guess.

Openfire uses caching to improve performance. To clear a particular cache, look in the Admin Console under Server > Server Manager > Cache Summary. If you want the caches to not live so long, look at this wiki page on how to configure some of the cache maxLifetime values.