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Active Directory - Users/Groups Tab

I am running wildfire against a rather large AD instance, 15,000+ users. Is there any way I can tell Wildfire to NOT attempt to pull back every user when I click the user/groups tab? Currently it pulls back 1000 entries, because i believe th at is the limit on the AD side.

Ideally, is it possible for wildfire to only show users who have logged into the system on the users tab? You could then still allow for the ability to search for other users.

I have a similar problem with groups. If i search for a group name, and then click on the name to edit the group it takes upwards of 10 minutes sometime for the group edit page to come back.

Is it possible to create groups locally to wildfire when using AD? Currently if i want a group to show up, I need to create the group on the AD side and populate it with the necessary users.