Active Directory

On Step 3 of 3 under the ‘‘Administrative Account’’ Add. I get the following:

No username was provided or the specified username was not found.

I have tired everything. Please let me know where I can start. I have tested the screens up to the point for the AD connection tests and they were sucessful.



Are you using WF users or an LDAP server? Did you enter the name in the form:

I would check the user account you are using to bind to AD and ensure the account is correct. Try loggin into a workstation as that user. Another way to test it is to launch adsiedit.msc, right click on the domain, select “Settings”, press “Advanced” and specify that user account’'s credentials. Then, try browsing your domain and check the properties of different objects. You should be able to read (but not write to) the objects.

I have seen some strange things with AD and Wildfire. I have always found that pointing Wildfire at a global catalog server and using port 3268 works the best. It really just depends on your setup.

Also, make sure the UserPrincipalName is set for the user and try using that for the logon name. Set it in the format: username@subdomain.domain.forest.root (eg