AD authentication with 2 separate ou''s

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My apologies upfront for another AD authentication question.

Issue: I have a problem to figure out how to configure wildfire for authenticating to more then 1 OU

AD: we have a network which is layed out in a ‘’ star’’ . Around that star there are more then 100 sites connecting to that central site for purposes of central application, email and other stuff. Before you ask the obvious ; we are legally binded to have such a setup. The ‘’ central part’’ is in AD located under a OU=central, all surounding sites are located in AD in OU=offsite.

Now my problem: how can I authenticate to AD with the supplied info if users are divided across these ou’'s

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Option 1:

Instead of defining your base DN to an OU level, just define it to the domain level. So if you have <baseDN>ou=Central,dc=Domain,dc=com</baseDN> just change it to <baseDN>dc=Domain,dc=com</baseDN> This will cause Wildfire to search the entire AD Tree.

Option 2:

ldap.alternateBaseDN – a second DN in the directory can optionally be set. If set, the alternate base DN will be used for authentication and loading single users, but will not be used to display a list of users (due to technical limitations). May want to use this with Option 2: JM-757

p.s. have a look at the LDAP guide

Ok thanks for the input. I’'ll start with option 1 and sees where it leads me

Btw a very quick response time. Like it !

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Btw your url http:// p-guide.html is just one http to many

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