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AD avatar VS Openfire Avatar

I have a new problem. We have some new software to extend Active Directory, and this includes avatars. As a result now Spark is pulling those avatars down instead of a user uploaded avatar, and you can’t change it from the client.

Is there a way around this so Spark uses Openfire avatars instead of the ones in AD?

in my openfire.xml file in the section I do have the following defined:


If I remove that will avatars still work or will it continue to pull from active directory?

Thanks for your help.

If you place pictures in AD tehn openfire will use those. If you remove those values you will most likely get no pics at all. It is an all or nothing senerio with LDAP. If the data is there it will use it, if not it will let you use the local database of openfire to store pics.

so there is no way to change it in openfire to look for something besides jpegPhoto? I am assuming if I change that to something else I will get no avatars?

Thanks for the reply