Ad group lists

Hello folks,

I am having trouble figuring out how the groups populate from AD. I am running 2k3 server w/ openfire. I am puzzled with the groups. I set up groups in AD and when I look at my spark client only a coupe of the members are showing up in the right group. I have moved members around to different groups and it just gets more confusing because it seems like there is no logic as to where the members end up. It also removes members from other groups when I do this as well. What am I not getting or doing wrong please help. TIA


AD groups don’t “automatically” show up in Spark. You can either create your own groups per client, or you can enable the AD groups to populate from the server. logon to the admin console, click on the Users/Groups tab, click on Groups and click on a specific group you want to share out to the clients. You will see a box where you can type a display name for the group. Once you do this, ONLY those people using Spark that are a member of that AD group will see the group, and they will see EVERYONE in the group even if they aren’t in Spark. You can also choose to share the AD group with ALL or Other specific groups. For example, My AD has IT Ops Team and IT Apps Team. I want each group to see all users in both so I share them both ways. If your AD has everyone in the default Users group, you could share that, but if you have a large company, that would slow down the client startup time and fill-up the spark window with all users.

Let me know if this doesn’t make sense.