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AD Groups - users are not assigned to any groups

I have AD authentication working and I am able to pull in the groups. The groups list shows the users that are assigned to them. The problem I have is when you look at the properties of any user they are not assigned to any of the groups? So, when you log into the client you aren’'t a member of any groups. Here is the ldap section of the config file:


If I comment out the group import and manually create the groups and assigned the users, then it works ok.

hi, i hope this helps

chk out my group search string

i just posted it.

any points would be appreciated


also, once you see groups in web Admin gui, open the group,

go to Shared Roster Groups, Enable sharing group in rosters

give it a Group Display Name and choose Show group in group members’’ rosters

Thanks for your reply…It is working now. I made some changes to the xml config based on what you had in your linked post. I also followed your other suggestion in your reply regarding the settings in the ‘‘shared roster groups’’ section. Thanks again for your help!!!