Ad groups


I have a working openfire connected with AD. In my openfire admin console, under groups, i see all the different groups that are in AD. For example there is a operations group. Is there a way for all operations to add that group to there im client, and it will pull up all the users or do they still need to add each invidual. I went to groups and have enabled the operations group and shared it.

ps. i am a member in ad for operations and in pidgin i go and add group operations but nothing happens. Wasnt sure if i am doing something wrong or if other users in operations have to be online for me to see them.

After enabling sharing in the admin console on the operations and rebooting the server, it still does not show up in my account. I am a member of that group in active directory and it showed up under groups. What can i try next to get it working.


i finally figured it out. I had to go in server, system properties and change ldap.posixMode from true to false. Now all the groups appear and are working.