AD integrated - nickname change conference rooms won't stick

We have our Openfire Server 3.7.1 setup with vCard enabled scraping from AD.

We use multiple clients including Pandion, Pidgin, and Adium. Of all the clients we use, Spark would be the only one that goes across Windows, Linux, and Mac, that looks and works great. We want to push it, but here’s the issue:

We want our users in conference rooms to have nicknames including Dept and Ext. eg: Jason Smith - Marketing - #4432

We can’t find any place to edit this in spark. If we go to ‘Spark’, ‘Edit my profile’, and change the ‘Nickname’: Server does not support VCards, unable to save your VCard

All other clients have a local setting for Nickname… except Spark. Its VCard or nothing it seems. Are we mistaken? Is there any way users can perform what we’re trying to do?

Option A: We point nickname to AD description field… and this is managed by IT creating a lot of overhead.

Option B: We turn off AD integration… (yeah right. we’d sooner drop the idea of using Spark)

Option C?

We’d truly, truly appreciate any advise or ideas anyone can offer. Thank you so much in advance!

Option A isn’t that complicated and doesn’t require that much IT overhead.

Have you looked at the ldap.vcard-mapping, specifically the field? This field is set when configuring AD integration. I am not sure if the Conference Rooms read ths field, but it would make sense if they did because Fastpath uses this field. Our roster names are configured as firstname+lastname+extension_number (example: John Doe (x222)), but the field is set to just the firstname. So, although our users have their full name and extension in the Spark roster they only appear as firstname when conferencing with customers through Fastpath.

It sounds like you might have a need for the opposite of my roster/nickname setup ; )