AD Openfire server integration with non ldap Openfire server


We have an Openfire server at our main office which uses Active Direcotry (ldap) to populate user / groups for roughly 100 employees. We also have a branch office that is using non ldap enabled Openfire server. Our two servers of course use different FQDN in the XMPP user ID. We have been able to connect these servers and add users via our IM clients at each location. Our branch office also has the ability to create users using our XMPP ID and then add them to a group which automatically sends subscription requests from their users to ours. I do not see the same functionality on our server since it is AD integrated… If I extend the ldap group filter to include another group and add their users as contacts or AD users is there a way to modify the XMPP id of these users so it reflects the fqdn differences? If I can do this I would then like to share out this group to all our local users and just want to know if this is possible?

They only have 10 users so it does not make much sense for them to add 108 usersr to their Opefire server.

Some clients from the remote site are also not getting pressence information from our users.


David Neufeld
patch-auto-share-LDAP-groups.patch (914 Bytes)