AD password changed, can no longer log into OpenFire

Anyone encounter this,

Our AD passwords expire every 90 days, requiring a change, so I changed it and now Open Fire (which has AD database imported) and was working great actually, does not like my old password or new password,

And I can’t remember the base Open Fire login user name / password,

any suggestions?

thanks in advance,


Use a low privilege account (memberof Domain Users only) as a bind user for pulling the AD data. Set this user in your Directory to “never expire.”

understood, sounds good, that should work just fine,

I guess my question should have been…

Why is OpenFire not picking up my new updated AD password or old one,

Design or a bug?

If a bug, would be nice to have fixed,



It is not that it is not reading your AD password. Openfire is no longer reading AD period. When you configured openfire you bound the server to AD with an AdminDN and password. That password that you entered is no longer valid so it cannot access AD. You must create an account with a static password and re-run the openfire config to make it work again using this new account and static password. To re-run the config:

  • stop openfire
  • edit the openfire.xml so the setup tag reads false
  • restart openfire
  • go to admin website and step through the config
  • enter new AdminDN account and password.

Worked like a charm, thanks guys!