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AD+Spark - some users can't logon


I have problem with some users. On the same computer one user can logon with spark and another user can’t - WHY?

Please specify as much information about these users as possible. What differences are between them? Names, OUs, special characters in names, usernames, etc.


users are in the same OU, no specials charakters in names.

I have about 3000 - maybe this is the problem?


I found solution.

In my domain each user has list allowed computers - AD->Account->Logon Workstation(this user can log on to : the fallowing comp.)

When I added “AAA” (AAA is my domain controller) user could logon in spark.


I don’t agree to add AAA to logon Workstations - is there a diffrent solution?

Openfire is installed on BBB computer in domain.


I’ve read about similar issues, but don’t remember about any solution to this (probably no). And i dont use Openfire with AD, so i can’t help here.