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AD with an external database


At first, sorry but my english isn’t so good.

We are deploying Openfire with Spark clients on a AD environment. Now it’s working fine but we have two questions:

  • Could we use an external database only to store the users photo an continuos loading the other info from the AD? Now, all the users info come from the AD but we don’t want ( And we don’t know exactly how can do it) take the photos from the AD.

  • It’s possible deploy spark using GPO? It’s so hard to do it?

Thank you for your help!!!

If your pics are already in AD then Openfire will pull them from AD. Otherwise it will store them in whatever database you chose to use with openfire. This is one of many reasons I tell people to never use the embedded database that comes with openfire.

This tool will allow your users to manage thier AD information including photos on their own: http://www.directory-update.com/