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Add all users to a roster

i work for a school district and i wont to the teachers and administrator to login and see everyone in the district on there list i know you can do this in groups but there are over 600 users and i dont wont type in each name. is there a faster way. i am running wildfire 2.6.2 on a windows 2000 server


the options were already discussed in Online users list[/url] but as far as I know nobody did start implementing one of them.

So there is currently no easy way, you could also use the presence plugin and use a perl script to query all users and display the ones which are online.


My advice is to query the database ( user table ) to get the username.

Transform that list to get that format :

user1 user2 user3 … user600

Then add them into your all user group, you can then specifiy that that group shows for the teachers group.

You can repeat that from time to time ( users already there won’'t be add twice), or you could add in your “new user procedure” for the admin a line to add the new user in the all user group.

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Hey Brian,

You can also use the url=http://www.jivesoftware.org/wildfire/plugins.jspRegistration plugin[/u] that allows you to add newly registered users to a given group. You can then make the shared group public so that its members appear in everyones roster.


– Gato