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Add an administrator

Right now I am the only person that can login to the Administrator console of Openfire. How can I add an additional administrator account?

If you are using LDAP, simply stop the server and edit the openfire.xml.

I to would like to know the anwer to this, I attempted to edit the XML file, however I did not see the correct login info in this file. I am looking to “Add” an LDAP account as well, surely there is a way to do this from the admin console.

Are you using LDAP or local Openfire users?

If it’s local, use the ‘Create new user’ option under the ‘users’ tab. You can select ‘admin user’ as an option when you do this.

If it’s LDAP, use your LDAP environment to add a user. LDAP is read-only from Openfire. You can just add the additional admin user’s jid to the admin.authorizedJIDs system property and they will be able to login to the system as an administrator.

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LDAP Users

I did find this field, however I was a bit confused over how should this field be populated. Please verify, as I know any changes to the logins can have detrimental effects to use/login of the Admin Console.


xxxx1@domain, xxxx2@domain




Please verify.

first one…seperate user id with a comma

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Thank you!

I tried this and then I was unable to log back in. Had to edit the XML file and remove the added ,user@domain

Can you clarify the syntax? I’m not versed in XML at all. Sorry