Add just a few contacts from MSN, and not all

Hi, after adding the user who will access the MSN is possible to control which users of MSN contact list can be listed? the idea is to allow only a few contacts within the MSN client jabber.

Thank you.

This is not possible and actually denies the purpose of the gateways. Usually people want gateways to act as their regular clients, that is to pull all of their contacts on a particular network.

I think it would be possible, of course without charging it of you. an option of listing would be displayed which contacts since such communication already exists, and I’m not a programmer to at least try to support … rsrsrsr

Thank you once again.

This is not an easy option just to mark what contacts you want to see. Say you login through a gateway to your MSN account. It actually logins to MSN server and says “i’m online” and then MSN server pushes your contacts list to you. On your side you of course can select just a few contacts and say Spark won’t show other contacts to you. But what about the MSN server’s side? All of your contacts will see you as online and maybe wil ltry to chat with you. What then? I don’t remember if MSN has any kind of Invisible status. ICQ has. So in this case Kraken should automatically create invisibility rules for those not selected contacts and send them to a server, and if there is no invisibilty or any other kind of option to hide that you are online, then it is a mess. Anyway, i don’t see much logic in such option and it will involve lots of work, and we don’t even have developers to add needed options. This is Open Source, so you are free to find a developer and create your own version of Kraken with such features. I don’t remember exactly but it seems there were plans to support invisibility option for some networks (which support this). But now as there is no Kraken developer it is hard to speak about any feature/option development.

ok, tanks.