Add multiple pubsub domains

I am wondering if it is possible to have multiple domains for pubsub in openfire. Instead of just having, I’d like to be able to have several other domains. I am using an SQL database and have tried duplicating all the keys from the original “pubsub” domain, but changed the ServiceID. I get an error when I try to look up the pubsub service I added (


Not in its current form since the pubsub service is part of OpenFire, and is only instantiated once. You would need to be able to have multiple instances, each one with a different service name to support what you want.

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Thanks rcollier, this was what I had figured. Openfire reads from xmpp.pubsub.service to create the domain.

So to have multiple instances, should I make a plugin that uses PubSubModel/PubSubEngine? Do you happen to know where I can find in the source of Openfire where it reads the “xmpp.pubsub.service” value and creates the instance? I’m thinking perhaps I could copy/addapt the code to provide my own services.