Add Russian Spelling

Please, add check the spelling of the Russian language. At least as a plugin.

Well, Spark is using rather outdated format (MySpell or ASpell, not sure about the name) in the Spellchecker plugin (plugin is very old). And it is hard to find needed files in such format to add a language and they are usually very old (8-10 years old). So, if you will be able to find .aff and .dic files for Russian language, then it can be added easily. I think i have once tried to find them for Russian and wasn’t able.

Maybe you are looking for it… Русский орфографический словарь (АОТ е+ё). Russian spellcheck dict (ieyo). Based on works of | Apache OpenOffice…

Version 0.3.9-ieyo

I have tried adding it, but Spark hangs when i try to use Russian language for spellchecking. Some problem in the jmyspell library which Spark is using and which is very old too. I have also tried to replace current jmyspell libraries with the latest i have found on their site (beta 2, 6 years old), but the Spellcheker plugin doesn’t build at all. Have filed a few tickets about that, but not sure who and when will fix them.

[SPARK-1708] Update or change spellchecker library - Jive Software Open Source

[SPARK-1709] Add Russian dictionary for spellchecker - Jive Software Open Source

very sad

Hi. This is a old valid dictionary. (467216 Bytes)

Thanks! This one worked. Added it to the source. Should be included in the next version (whenever it arrives…).