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Add user to existing conversation

Is there a way to add a user to an existing conversation?

Like the following

User A and User B are chatting. They need to ask User C a question. Anyway to add User C to their existing conversation like you can with other IM clients? I can’'t seem to be able to figure out how to do that? If it is not possible is that on the roadmap? Could this be accomplished with a plugin either server or client side.


Mods:Would this be better in the Openfire support forum? I’'m not for sure what support area this falls under.

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I hate to reply to my own thread but …Does anyone else have any thoughts on this? My company would probably be willing to contribute some money to this if the ability is not in Openfire and/or Spark at the moment. I would think others would like this capability or maybe it’'s just that since we used to use IP Switch Messenger which had the ability, my users are just accustomed to being able to add users to an existing chat…

if you are chatting with someone in spark, you can click the “invite to conference button”. The chat window will change to a conference window and you can invite another person.

Yeah I’‘ve seen that but you lose all the existing conversation history when you do that…It’‘s the only thing that my users are giving me a hard about since the switch. Is it a function of the client or the server or just the jabber protocol that doesn’‘t allow this? I know MSN, AOL, etc have this ability so I’‘m guessing it’'s the protocol?

not sure, but it could possibly be fixed on the serverside… i think what the users want is really the expected behaviour as sometimes we need this at work too. You could just copy and paste key the entire convo into groupchat prior to inviting people, then when they enter the group chat has it all up there for them to read.

However, it’‘d be nice if spark took care of it, suppose it’'s a touchy issue some people may want that to happen, others may not, can imagine a few situations where it could be quite bad

Well I guess the best solution would be for it to be an option? That way everyone could be happy! Thanks for the reply. I was beginning to think that it was just my users who wanted that feature…Now all we have to do is convince them to add it! I’'m thinking Openfire 3.3.5? j/k

Nope - totally agree. That should be a standard feature. I’‘m on day 1 of piloting to the rest of the IT dept and I’'ve already had comments about that.

Hey, I like that feature request. I’ve gone ahead and filed SPARK-817 as a new feature.




Thanks! I can’t wait to test this. My coworkers will love me! Well at least tolerate anyway…:^0

A feature I found myself wanting within a day of using Spark. Time to vote it up

Hmmm Anyone have any status updates on this?