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Adding an help user common to all client


i’'m using a jabber server to permit people in my company to speak each other.

I want to set (pre-set) a dafault user named “help” in every client.

How can i do that?




That should be easy to do:

Setup a group named helpusers and make the helpuser a member of this group.

Than setup the shared roster feature that helpusers are seen in everybodes roster.

Hope this helps


Hi All,

To take Starry’'s suggestion a step further, you could also use the url=http://www.jivesoftware.org/wildfire/plugins.jspregistration plugin[/url] to automactially add new users to the helpusers group.

Something that might be nice to add to the registration plugin would be the option to allow specified users to be automatically added to new users rosters as they login, in addition to having new users automatically added to a group. I’'ll add that to my “idea list” for the registration plugin.