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Adding buddies to aim


I was using the latest gateway, 1.1.3a. And I found out that I cannot add buddies to AIM anymore. Has anybody else been experiencing this? I’ve tried to use Spark to add aim buddies, and it also fails. I think something happened to the gateway.

The developer is a little busy currently with other matters but will be returning to this project shortly. I have also noticed the following error repeatedly with the AIM gateway:


Also badlib, got any debug logs?

Switching back to 1.1.2 fixes the problem for me, btw.

;D So I guess you don’t have any debug logs then. hehehe Ok then…

Hey jadestorm,

Over here we switched back 1.1.2. I promise to get you logs if we switch back up or whenever your 1.1.4 comes out.

It’s ok =) I’ve run into -some- problems with contact adding so in the process of fixing that, I might fix the issues you were seeing!