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Adding contacts to a member of a forced Group

Hello all:

Firstly I wish to thank you all for the great job. I migrated my Jabberd2 server to the Wildfire one with no pain. I just have a doubt till now:

I am member of the support group. And this group is forced to be in every account.

But I cannot add anyone to my host list. Every time I ask, I get the response “Authorized” but in my host I always get the response “Subscription: none”.

There is a way to change this behavior?


Josemar Lohn

Hi Josemar,

what is “your host list”? Do you mean your roster?

Is the support group a server-side group which is configured to be displayed for every user or a FastPath workgroup?

You will not be able to add anyone to this list but you should be able to create another group and add users there.