Adding contacts where to start help!

i am a very big noob to this plugin system

i need some help on makeing a custom plugin

what i am trying to do

is make a plugin were i would state the user and then i could add contacts and delete contacts

how i am wanting it to work is by typeing a url to myserver and then some query stings like stating the username then the contact information

like how one of those plugins on wild fire works by deleteing and adding users but i am trying to add and delete user contacts

the problem i dont even know were to start i have looked at the plugin documentation and the api manual

i dont understand anything about jsp jars war files and were to start with making this solution could somone help me

i am sorry i am asking to much it is just i dont under stand it i uassly use php and mysql but in this case i cant do this

big thank you in advance


it may help a lot to download the Wildfire source and look at the source code of the existing User Service plugin. And you may want to install a Java IDE like Eclipse.

This forum is the wrong place to post information about jsp and jar files, one may ask Google to find some good or bad documentation.


ok but what are some of the codes i could use in the api