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Adding Fastpath Group in Spark?


We have the Fastpath system installed and it’s been working great for a while now, but we wanted to look into the possibilty of users adding the Fastpath group in spark as a contact.

For example users that connect to our openfire server add a contact with the following name - Name@workgroup.serveraddress.

This works great and the Fastpath group appears in the roster list, if you try chat to this contact, you then get a series of questions based on the Form UI that you have setup for the group.

Everything works, however when you have completed the chat, you cannot then reconnect you simply get the following message -Do you want to receive another room invitation, yes or no? If you say yes nothing happens…

Has anyone else tried to add a fastpath group as a contact in spark ?


I have added fastpath group as a contact to a shared group and have tried with the latest SVN version of Spark to do a couple of chats and everything went fine. After a chat do you get a popup about sending you a chat transcript via email? I think you must answer it yes or no, or it could get stucked. Also i get a slightly different message when i start another chat. It says “Would you like to join the chat, yes or no?” and doesn’t mention anything about the invitation. This could be possible that Fastpath was fixed a bit in the latest SVN version. I can’t test it with 2.5.8 version though.

HI Wroot

Thanks very much for getting back to me.

We are using the latest Full release of Spark (2.5.8), do you think this is the issue.

What’s the best way of getting the latest SVN version of spark ?

I’m not sure, but this could be the issue. You can find SVN versions installations here http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/docs/DOC-1822 but this versions are not official and can have their own bugs. I suggest to use Native look and feel option with them (find it in the Preferences).


Thanks for this, Getting the same issue though… Quite odd really.

We are due to re-build the server in the next couple of week so we can test again, in terms of rolling out spark to users would you recommend the latest SRV release or just stick with 2.5.8 ?

We are also using the Fastpath Plugins/web app from the generic plugin page, so not sure if there are any issue with.


I would advice to stick with 2.5.8 though it has its own issues, but SVN versions are still raw and upredictable. It works a bit faster, but has some serious issues (that’s why i suggest to use Native look and feel). But i think best way to decide is to test it yourself and see if it works ok for you.

Thanks Wroot…

If we stick to the latest version (2.5.8) of Spark is there any reason that we could not update to the latest Fastpath.war file ?


Am I correct in assuming that the .war file is for the Webserver and not a replacement for the .Jar file that sits in openfire/plugins ?

Sorry for all the questions!


I think you can update to that custom Fastpath.war. I don’t think there were changes which would affect Spark.

Speaking about different types of installation. slicer says that plugin available in Openfire is mostly for the testing purposes and for the production environment you should use war file to deploy Fastpath into your webserver. So, you should remove plugin from Openfire, deploy war file and configure it.