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Adding Fastpath Workgroup to External Users


I hope someone can help us with this - We have been using fastpath/spark for over a 2 years now and everything has been going great but we have had many request’s from people wanting to speak to us from there own IM client rather than the Fastpath link/icon.

I started exploring this option by adding the fastpath Workgroup to my contact lists

Contacts - Add Contact - test01@workgroup.server.co.uk

This worked great and the contact appeared in my list and i could even communicate with it - If i typed a message the reply was based on the form i created - So for example this is what i got.

Me - Hello ?

Test01 - Do you wish to start a chat - yes or not

Me - Yes

Test01 - What is your Question…

ect ect

Now here is my question - Can someone using for example Gtalk add this workgroup as a contact ??

Also i think that reason why I could add the workgroup was becuase i was a member of it - Is that correct ??

Any suggestions or help on this would be great.

Anyone shed anylight on this ?