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Adding multiple accounts


I am working on a Flex based jabber client (openfire 3.4.3) ,

Does it allow to add more than one accounts for same domain (e.g more than one account for Yahoo ) because

I havent been able to accomplish it as I try to add another one, it replaces the last one.

Please help me, if u have any suggestions.

Thanks in advance


You can’t. Unless you plan on editing the gateway plugin, that’s basically how it works.

However, if you keep a separate record of the username/password you can use that to alternate between different accounts and just replace the current record inside the gateway plugin database as you logon.

Hope that helps.


Thanks dustman…

As per my knowledge, meebo.com is also using the jabber server,

So how can they manage to let an user to add and log on with more than one accounts of same domain( e.g more than one account of Yahoo )



Hmm … meebo uses Openfire & the IM Gateway Plugin?

Is it? Where do you see that?


I am not sure as they are using the XMPP protocol

thats why I am guessing that they are using jabber server.

What do u think ?

is there any other way around ?

please let me know if u have any suggestions .



The XMPP protocol is not limited to Openfire. They could be running any number of server implementations, including their own. Likewise, they may be running alternative transports or no transports at all. I’d be highly interested in knowing if they are using Openfire/The IM Gateway Plugin because I might like to tap them and see if they happen to be willing to share code back to the main project.

Currently no, there’s no way to tie a single XMPP account to multiple of the same transport. It’s on the roadmap, but pretty far in the future.


Thanks a lot for the suggestion.

Now it is clear that we can’t tie a single XMPP account to multiple transports.

thanks once again for clearing the doubts, hope to c more from u in the future



I have seen somewhere (wikipedia and meebo forums), that they are using libpurple.

If you have signed up at meebo.com, you get an xmpp account at meebo.org, but there are no transports. Even after logging into meebo.com via the web and with psi and signing into another xmpp account you don’t see the contacts from the second server (wich you expected to be a transport) in psi.

Hi Mxsan,

Thanks for the Answer

I have checked it on meebo.com, after logging on with meebo account I have added one of my XMPP account which is stored on my openfire server,

I have got the contacts of that account in meebo.com friend list, there is nothing like transport on meebo.com but they can hide the transort thing on front end.

I am also searching for the things how meebo is working on Google with no results.



Sorry for not being clear enough (my fault, even in my native language I am not clear most of the time), but my point was they are not using transports like openfire does.

Look at meebo.com as a libpurple client (just like Pidgin en Adium). After you signed up at meebo, you get an account at the xmpp-server located at meebo.org (your jid will be: username@meebo.org). Adding a secondary account (msn/aim/xmpp/etc) will connect you via the webclient at meebo.com and not via a transport located at meebo.ORG.

You can do the same with a desktop client like Pidgin for example. You can configure pidgin to login to msn and xmpp, but the msn messages are then not being send via a transport on the xmpp server, but directly to the msn server.

In short: Meebo doesn’t use a xmpp-server for logging into msn/aim/icq/xmpp, but a libary called libpurple. However, signing up does create a xmpp account at meebo.org.

Hope this makes it a little bit more clear .

Thanks once again, Mxsan

These are very valuable information for me,

As u said, they are using libpurple library for logging to other IM’s, the project on which i am working is based on XIFF library ( the only available jabber library for flex ). I want to use the same feature for multiple accounts of same domain in my project , please suggest me what would be the better solution.

Server - openfire(3.4.3), flex , IM gateway (1.2.2)



I don’t know your situation, but if you really need multiple accounts now and you can’t wait on jadestorm (or another developer) adding it to the IM Gateway, then it might be an idea using a multi-protocol libary instead of XIFF, just like meebo does.

I am not a pro or something, just giving you a suggestion and explaining a little how meebo does it.

Thanks for the suggestion, Mxsan