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Adding Photo's to sparkweb


I’ve looked in the other sections but I just cannot fid the info so basically in the flash web you loging and chat, and at the side of the people names is the little black holding section where it looks like you’d put a photo in… how do you upload a photo in here? I just dont seem to see a setting either in sparkweb or openfire to do this?

do you need a custom util to do this? if so anybody have a good link to pick this up?

Thanks for any suggestions / advice

You need to use a desktop client to add avatars.

so install the spark client - then use this to upload the avitar?

That should work. but each user must do it.

works a treat, thanks :slight_smile:

You’re welcome. Don’t forget to mark this thread answered and award points for helpful and correct answers.

tried to use “correct Answer” - but the page updates as error occured on page after post.

anyway will try again :slight_smile:

If you use the Red5 version of SparkWeb, you can use your webcam to take snapshot a photo and upload to Openfire

Can you tell me a little more about how to do this. I was reading the PDF help file and it said to go to the “connect” option on the menus and update the avitar selection in my profile. I can’t find a “connect” option. (using Spark 2.5.8 on a corportate network).