Adding Plugins to Spark

Once I have created my *.jar file and stuck it into the plugins folder of spark. What further steps to I need to try out my plugin in spark? This will be useful for dev purposes.

You dont need to do anything else. Spark should extract that plugin in your user’s profile and you will be able to use it. Well, Spark restart could be needed.

I put the examples.jar into the plugins folder. When I hit Spark>Plugins… does not list my plugin among those installed.

Well. I have just triesd to put whiteboard.jar plugin into C:\Documents and Settings\Wroot\Spark\plugins (because i dont have permissions to put anything into Program files here, but it should work the same). After Spark restart whiteboard.jar was extracted to whiteboard folder and plugin was working. Also it was listed on the plugins menu. So, maybe something is wrong with that example.jar, but i cant help much with that.

oh… that was easy. I have a board game client I want to write (Domineering) and it will probably be much easier to integrate it into the spark api than to write a client from scratch (though I have been learning a lot!). Probably something wrong with examples.jar Is there a list of existing “sparkplugs” out there? Ok thanks.

Hi mrcactu5,

You didn’t say which version of Spark you’re trying to deploy the examples.jar to but if it is newer than 2.0.3 (or maybe 2.0.4, I can’t remember the exact version) it won’t work due to Spark api changes. If you want to get the examples to work with a later version of Spark you’ll have to recompile/package the sparkplug yourself. There are also a couple of sparkplugs which you can download from Version 2 Software (shameless plug ) that you can use to see how to sparkplugs are built.

Hope that helps,


Dear Ryan,
I’m trying to build the “vacuous” spark plugin: one which implements canShutDown(), initialize(), shutdown() and uninstall() to work. I used version 2.0.7 of the sparkplug kit ( and simply put “ant run” in the command line. After some intial fenaging to tell ANT where to find my JDK 1.6, the plugin compiles, but I get an error message. When I put it into the spark 2.5.8 plugin folder, it doesn’t appear when I click Spark > Plugins in the file menu. I have attached the source file and build.xml, so you can try it out if you get the chance. Also, I am mrcactu5 on the ignite realtime community forum. Thanks for your help!

  • John

PS: You can find the source and plugin.xml files I use here: (1118 Bytes)
plugin.xml (399 Bytes)