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Adding properties to users

Hey Guys/Gals

I’‘m writing an InOut Board plugin, and I’'ve got a decent beta running without too much trouble. Kudos to the developers! This is a good quality product. Once I settled into the (execellent) documentation, things went pretty well.

My question is this: Is there a good or preferred way to store persistent user properties?

My InOutBoard is accessed by a servlet which requests a List of Users from the plugin. The servlet will then display presence and other information about the user. One of the requirements of my client is that the display provide a notes field for each user. This is for the user or a receptionist to add quick informational notes to the user’'s display such as “Out of office today” and so forth.

I’'ve used flat files and JiveGlobal properties to store the notes text, and while both methods are functional, neither quite suits my requirements.

Is there a way to store this information in the imbedded database?

Thanks for all your help!


Hey Scott,

You can use User#getProperties() to set/get persistent properties.


– Gato

Hey Gato,

Thanks for the help. That worked great! Iguess the absence of a setProperty method threw me.