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Adding registrations directly to DB


I’m developing a custom web-based app in C# that utilizes the IM gateway. My question is, instead of using XML-RPC to manage registrations (it’s a bit of a pain in the butt, for me at least), am I able to simply put in the required fields into the database tables used by the plugin? I know this might break functionality in the future etc., but for now I need a quick and dirty solution to add registrations. I did notice the DB tables used by the plugins, but I’m not sure how the passwords are encrypted and such.


Edit: oops, I found a similar post: http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/message/136515 Is that still a “good” way of bypassing internal APIs and such?

Not really, more occurs than just inserting entries into the DB. Why is the XML-RPC interface hard to use and/or would any particular other interface be easier that is similar to XML-RPC or anything like that?

Holy crap that’s a fast reply

For me, the one seemingly good XML-RPC implementation in .NET seems a bit overkill and bulky - I managed to craft my own XML-RPC query (which worked!) in 15 minutes after I read the IM gateway documentation and the XML-RPC standard. I couldn’t really wrap my head around how much work I had to do just for it to work in .NET, short of doing sockets programming (ugh!).

Implementing an XML/SOAP web service would be easier for me to develop against, but I understand that it might be too much work on your end as well. I’ll have to look deeper into using XML-RPC with .NET…

Thanks again for the quick reply!

Amusingly enough, I went with XML-RPC instead of SOAP because of the very reason you were reluctant to do XML-RPC at first. =) The SOAP frameworks I’ve found so far were very complex and nearly doubled the size of the plugin for something that most folk aren’t even going to use. =)

If anyone knows of any nice lightweight SOAP frameworks for java, please let me know because the ones I found sucked.

Hehe I thought so - I read up your post about implementing this functionality. It’s a really great plugin though and definitely impressed lots of people I work with. Keep up the good work!

not soap but perhaps thrift is an interesting option? : http://developers.facebook.com/thrift/