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Adding simple war/html files in Openfire (utilizing HTTP server)

We have a small chat app built using GWT/JS and we need to deploy those files into openfire HTTP server for maintainability and because the cross-domain security.

We need to utilize the Jetty HTTP server inside openfire and deploy our chat app html files there so if our admin is here http://openfire:9090/ , then we need http://openfire:80/chatapp/index.html

  1. Where to deploy this “chatapp” folder ?!
  2. Can we bind both port 80 & 9090 or create different context for each ?


You may wish to checkout some of the recent work @guus did with creating openfire plugins for candy and inverse

If you want to bind to a different port than what Openfire is using itself, you can simply create a new Jetty instance, following their embedded server guidelines.

Running on different ports than the HTTP Binding / BOSH interface is likely going to give you some issues. As @akrherz pointed out, I created very similar plugins recently. You could look at those for inspiration.