Adding users from AD?

I have succesfully installed and configured Wildfire and sparc to run as long as the users are in the USERS OU.

If I do not want to move users from their perspective OU’'s, then how would the baseDN read? or what am I missing?

I currently have a MessengerGroup security group.

users that I want to have access I have added in there, but I am still missing something.

Wildfire will search the entire base DN (descending into the tree) looking for users by default. So, you should just need to make sure that you set the base DN to be high enough to cover all the users. Maybe I don’‘t quite understand the problem you’'re running into?



I just set the base dn to “dc=corp,dc=mycompany,cd=com” and it searches the entire company and all sub OU’'s.

If I’‘m following you, you want to authenticate users by having them as part of a security group? I don’‘t think that is going to work, but I’'m still learning about this.

What Matt was saying is that you can set the search filter to search for all users. However if you wanted to only look for a specific group, you can tweak your search filter criteria to only look for that group and that is where Wildfire will look for authorized users. It’'s a simple LDAP query.

You can specify your base DN at corp DC com but you can then setup a search filter to only look at OU=security,DN=corp,dc=com. here’‘s my search filter as an example (it’'s for eDir so only general in your case)

Hope this helps you.


If you’'re using Wildfire 3.1, DO NOT include the ou=! This is probably one of the most confusing things for people going to 3.1 from 3.0.



Thanks Jeff that is a very nice piece of info to have, I’‘m still learing about this, but I’'m very impressed with this so far.

Wildfire is a very nice server app, in my opinion. You won’'t learn it over night, new things pop up from time to time, but eventually getting the hang of it becomes easier. Read the documentation included with the package you downloaded and some of your questions will be answered, and search the forums, as that is also a great source of info, expecially when you need the quick answer with limited time to fix it.