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Adding Users & the @servername

I have just setup Openfire and it’s running fine, grabbed users from ldap, etc. My problem comes with the adding of users/buddies to my chat client (weather its Pidgin or Spark).

The servers name is 'chat.company.com

In order to add a buddy I have to put the name in as ‘joe@chat’. If I add it as Joe, the users never see authorization requests, etc.

Is there anyway to change this so its either just ‘joe’ or ‘joe@company.com’ ? I think our users would get annoyed if we have to put @chat after their names, as it’s different from our email addresses and what not.



I don’t have much experience with renaming services, but a very cheap hack I just thought of would be to rename the server domain to “com” if your company was “company.com” and then rename the chat service to “company”.

The “chat” portion of the address is referring to the software chat service. It’s not a DNS address (you can’t ping it), it’s only an address that Openfire uses to route requests.

Maybe a more seasoned member can tell you why this idea is a bad one (but it couldn’t hurt to try it in a development environment). I don’t think there’s any way around having the chat service be a “sub-address” (for lack of a better word) of your server domain.


I don’t have too much experience either with this but I had a similar issue with iChat users where I would have to specify the @X.X.X.X for the user account.

Jeff is right about the DNS portion of things. When you’re running and AD environment and DNS is integrated into AD you may have to add DNS entries for it (the server). I ran an iChat server for a while on a mac server and it was frustrating because macs usually end with a .local for their machine name. I usually avoided DNS and would just use the IP address for the most part to avoid this. In the end I gave up on the iChat server and switched to openfire on a mac. I always used IP addresses though as I had vpn tunnels and multiple AD environments connecting to the openfire server.

Good luck I wish I could be of more help but if there was a way you could test it out on a dummy server it would be easier to troubleshoot without affecting your live environment.

You may want to setup Openfire again and use “company.com” as the xmpp domain / server name.

Then the JIDs will be "user@company.com" as everyone does expect it.

You need to set DNS SRV records for your server to make it reachable for your clients, something like this should work:

_xmpp-client._tcp.company.com. 86400 IN SRV 5 0 5222 chat.company.com

The DNS entry for chat.company.com should still point to your Openfire server.