Additional fields LDAP vCard mapping

Hi all!

I have installed and configured OpenFire 4.0.2 on Calculate (Gentoo) Linux and Samba 4 AD on other server. LDAP auth and search work correctly.

Question: how I can add additional field in ldapVcard?

I want add Company Name field (ldap attr “company”). I find how do it for OpenFire 3.6 or above, but it not working on my 4.0.2 OpenFire server.

I try add this line in Server Manager, System Properties, ldap.vcard-mapping: {department} {company} . Try change lines places - but in Server Settings, Profile Settings, User mapping (2 step LDAP setup) no additional field “Organization” (or “Company”). If I change any existings value in ldap.vcard-mapping on {company} - it will given from AD correctly.

Sorry for my English.

Try to add the ldap.usernameField and ldap.vcard-mapping to the folowing lines:



maybe enough to add the vcard-paping section.

In ldap.usernameField I have one word “sAMAccountName”. It’s wrong?

Lines, that you write, I try adding. I try about 15 different variants in ldap.vcard-mapping, before ask help

sAMAccountName is good.

Try to reconfigure the server settings, sometimes that way helped me.

openfire install directory /openfire/conf/openfire.xml, open it and you have to set the true to flase. save it and do a restart, and afetr you have to fill the company field, if it has company field.

No, it is not help

I checked my settings and Spark shows company filed null. On serverside I have not seen company settings. So I think now it has no option to set it.

Well, so I will change FAX field to company

or the department, like: IT / XYZ company