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Additional gateways in the spark client

When will we see support in the spark client for the gateways that are available in the server? It is a bit strange that they are available to configure on the server but the client does not support them.

There’‘s no support needed in Spark, that’'s the benefit of having them on the server.

Then why do the other gateways not show up like AOL, MSN, Yahoo!, and ICQ?

you should see a button for each transport that is ENABLED on the server you’'re connected to … perhaps you just forgot to enable it and give them (the users) the needet rights

Not all the gateways show when they are enable and configured correctly. IRC has never shown up in spark.

afaik spark uses a slightly other mechanism to deal with transports … perhaps a developer can give some more information how spark does …

IRC is an odd one. With the new gateway release, you need to register with IRC in order to join a channel (using conferencing in Spark).

However, as you corrected state, IRC never appears as a gateway in Spark (unlike MSN, Yahoo, ICQ etc).

Probably a feature that needs adding IMHO.


Issue has not been resolved in Spark as of yet. I am still closing this though.