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Adium and OpenFire 3.3.2

I am not able to register an account through Adium to OpenFire. When I do so, the account says it is created and Adium says connected. I look in the Admin tool and don’'t see the account I created. A friend of mine connected through Pidgin without incident. I attempted to access OpenFire through iChat and it worked. I also tried through Spark and it worked. What might be the problem?

This appears to be an Adium bug, specifically http://trac.adiumx.com/ticket/7049

I believe Andreas Monitzer’‘s work this summer may address the issue, I’‘ll ask next time he’'s around (or he may see this and reply).

DavidSmith wrote:

or he may see this and reply


I can reproduce this bug in Adium 1.0.4. The code I wrote for SoC for the same purpose works fine, though.