Admin Console: Check All checkboxes option

If i want update all users in group i have to manually select all checkboxes. Some “check all” button or like this needed.

hm… well i’'ve mistaken a little. This checkboxes are for making admins. But…

i have created new user and mistyped it’‘s name, so i have changed it, the roster didnt changed, so i have checked admin checkbox near this user and pressed update. After this user’'s name have updated in roster. But i cant update old users anyway. The only way is to delete user from database and create again…

and now user deleting not helping either. Dont know, maybe it’'s exodus fault. Arrgh… these things drives me mad:)

well, some “check all” still can be convinient for deleting maybe.

have tested, and still roster doeasnt updates correctly exactly after changes. So i have to restart server, then all changes are shown correctly. As i notice these problems appears with “old” users, which are in DB when server starts up. If you add some user while server is running, then you can change its properties and then remove/add it in group to refresh roster. All changes made to “old” users are reflected only after reboot or then you erase/create user again.

well, this is something with caching or like. Now i know that after i delete user in database it will dissapear from clients’’ roster after some time. Dont know exactly time. They are gone on next day for sure Not so bad, thoufh could be better. That’'s with 2.1.5.

Ok, i’'m closing that thread.