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Admin Console help guide

Hello all,

A first version of the online help for Jive Messenger is up at:


This will be rolled into 2.2.0. Feedback appreciated!



You messed up the link…

Well, the link was too long actually and got chopped by a filter. Fixed now.



Well… Having a quick look it looks great…

I’‘ve found no obvious spelling errors so far (the worst thing for documentation… g) and it’'s really neat…

I like it that you display the icons for the corresponding action (restart, delete, stop, whatever) but I think for the more complex topics at least one screenshot would be nice as well - currently it’'s more or less text-only except for the little buttons/icons.

Just my 2cc,


Not bad. Though i agree with DarKlajid, more screens would be great:)


If holly needs screen shots, i’‘ve got quite a few i’'ve already clipped from the admin console.