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Admin-console issue (connectivity and ssl at port 9091)

Hi there,

I observed two issues concerning the admin-console of openfire.

At all time the issue occures openfire is running fine.

1. Accidental i can not connect to the admin-console using my-domain.com:9090. I get an error. The connection could not be compounded.

If i wait several hours it is possible to connect to the admin-console.

Strange behavior?!

2. If i try to connect to the admin-console using the secure port 9091 my browser occures with an “open dialogue”

“Save file to hard disk. Type: application/octet-stream. From: my-domain.com:9091”. If i try to save that i got a empty file called “2zed36yb”.

Also very strange?!

The admin-console is listening to both ports.

SSL-certs are installed and working fine on the machine.

I am running openfire 3.2.3 at a suse linux VPS.

Thanks for any help that can be used to fix those issues


do you have some resource problems (memory or cpu) on your VPS? Or is it a VPS with 1 GB memory and at least a 500 MHz CPU?



No i got a powerful VPS. Openfire with ~ 10 user acting cost not more than 2 % of my CPU, 5% of the system ressources and the cache of the JVM is only used by 19 - 25 % also all resources and processes at the VPS are working well.

I detected that i can not stop the deamon - “Timeout. Deamon did not shutdown yet.” That appears only if the admin console is unreachable.

To fix that i have to restart the whole VPS and that sucks.

Curiously you can chat during the “hang of the admin console”.

Does the admin console have an process stand alone so that i can kill the process and restart only the admin/http-binding service than the whole deamon or VPS.

Tanks in advance.


try a “kill -3 wildfire-pid” when Wildfire hangs again. It should write a stacktrace to nohup.out and you may want to post it here.

The admin console is included in Wildfire, so you need to restart Wildfire if it really hangs.


I too have problems with connecting on port 9091. I’'ve opened the port in the firewall and I get a request to save file dialog for a bin file that is about 7k in size.

I’‘ve restarted the server and it’‘s made no difference. I’'m using Wildfire 3.2.2.


Hi Grant,

do you use http://server:9091/ or https://server:9091/ ?


duh… Yeah, I decided to ask this in case there were anyone out there that was afraid to ask a really really dumb question. You know the type, always in the back of the class afraid they will sound dumb so they say nothing. With me around they won’‘t have to ask anything! You know because I myself don’'t have any problems remembering that if you want to request an encrypted page you should probably use https!!!

Thanks, I was having a blonde moment.