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Admin Console Not Showing Current Sessions

I setup Jive Messenger, V2.3.0, I know, time for an upgrade, a couple weeks ago and have had folks pilot testing the messaging capabilities with a lot of positive feedback.

One fly in the ointment is that I am not seeing active sessions from the Admin Console (nor can I send a broadcast message from the Admin console). All other admin console features seem to be working. The clients are having no problem with any of the client features.

I have the server running on SLE 9.1. Looking at the error log in the admin console doesn’'t show me any intuitively bad messages…but then again, what do I know.

A few things to try:

  • Upgrade to Wildfire (2.4.0)

  • What client are you using?



I am using two different clients, Spark 1.0.2 and Exodus 0.9.1. I’'ve also had a user who tried Gush.

I rebooted the server this morning and now the Admin console presence and messaging function works. The trade-off: the users no longer see accurate presence information and therefore can’'t send messages. My server seems to want to either give the admin console access to whatever streams or ports needed to view presence or give it instead to the clients. Yikes.

I have upgraded to Wildfire. Admin console functionality is still working (since prior reboot) and clients still can’'t see the correct presence per the last post. Deleting client rosters and recreating them fixes the failed presence functionality.

This is a “good enough” fix for now.

did you happen to change the server domain from a testing domain to the ‘‘real’’ domain approaching launch time? that would screw with the rosters in the way that you mentioned, because everyone would now be logged in to im.tpedwar.com and all of their roster entries list people on imtest.tpedwar.com

just a thought.


It is possible that our domain admin changed the name resolution on the server since the last time I rebooted resulting in a surprise when I finally did reboot.