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Admin Console Problems

I am running jive messenger on a Linux Enterprise 3 system and have encountered a couple of problems while trying to run the Admin Console. The initial problem was that I was receiving a connection refused error dialogue when connecting to via the web browser on the local system. I determined that the java server process was not listening on 9090, but rebooting the system fixed this problem (sort of). Once I was able to get to after the reboot I was able to run through the setup steps. The last step instructs the user to restart the jive server and then connect to admin console. From there I encounter 2 recurring problems:

  1. I restart the server process, but it does not listen on 9090 so I get the connection refused message. Thus, I reboot the system and it listens on 9090 again, but that leads to the second problem.

  2. When I connect to after reboot I’'m returned to the beginning of the setup steps instead of the Admin Console login. After poking around some I realized there that there is a value of true in the setup section of the jive-messenger.xml configuration file so I changed it to false. I still am automatically returned to the beginning of the set up steps.

Any insight or suggestions? Help would be greatly as appreciated as I’'m at a sticking point. Thanks!


Check your user-rights.

It seems to me that the process is not able to save the config-xml file.



I manually changed the setup line in jive-messenger.xml to:

but when I direct the browser to it still takes me to the beginning of the setup:-(

I decided to download the new beta version and the problems I was experiencing have gone away …