Admin Console Timeout Setting

Does anyone know how to change the default settings that force a logout of the Administration Console after X minutes? Is there a value that can be set on the System Properties page, such as adminConsole.connectionTimeout? Or, is the setting in the database? I’ve searched, but haven’t turned up anything. Any help will be greatly appreciated.



Sadly, I’m not aware of a property that lets you update the default timeout value.

I added this extra configuration to the web.xml file and restarted the openfire service

root@server:~# vim /var/lib/openfire/plugins/admin/webapp/WEB-INF/web.xml <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>    <display-name>Openfire</display-name>    <context-param>        <param-name>org.eclipse.jetty.servlet.MaxAge</param-name>        <param-value>3600</param-value>     </context-param>  root@server:~# service openfire stop Stopping openfire: openfire. root@server:~# service openfire start Starting openfire: openfire.

Filed OF-763 on this. Anybody have a comment on a reasonable default? 1 hour? 3 hours?

I think it should still be in minutes. So, yeah, maybe a default of 60 minutes.

60 minutes sounds reasonable.